art with intention

hollowtree artist

hi, i'm eryn, the artist behind wanderlove jewellery.

i'm a full-time artist living in the okanagan valley in bc, canada. i've been silversmithing since 2016, though my love of jewellery, fashion, and making started long before that. i'm a fashion school drop out, and have enjoyed figuring out how things go together in many different mediums since i was a kid. wanderlove jewellery was actually launched during a time of unemployment, as a means to try and make a little income with some simple wire wrapped pieces before i even learned to smith. through many shifts in life, i have made it my priority to do what i love and connect with others through my art. its been the most rewarding thing i've been able to do. i remember each piece i've made, as a great deal of time, effort, attention, and intention goes into the process, and it warms my heart every time it speaks to someone else and makes an impact. 

i'm also an artist of other mediums, and tour as a professional musician with my project october poppy. music influences me a great deal, and you may notice each piece is named after a song, and the artist is listed at the bottom of the product description. both music and poetry serve as major influences in my work, and i enjoy creating jewellery pieces with song lyrics or imagery from other writers work. art influenced by art.

thank you for supporting small business, makers, and original artwork.


you can check out my music here